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Network Access Control hardware has traditionally been a headache to deploy, maintain, and manage for businesses. It was also very expensive and complex and businesses like yours didn’t have the IT budgets, IT staff, or time to get traditional Network Access Control solutions up and running.

Not anymore.

NetClarity’s Network Access Control is the world’s only plug-‘n-play NAC – meaning it could be taken out of the box and blocking assets within a few minutes.

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The advantages of BYOD, especially for the mobile workers – sales and marketing teams, for example - who travel frequently, are well recognized. However, there needs to be a balance, decided upon and managed by the corporation, to ensure secure network access as well as compliance with numerous regulations for BYOD security. Here’s how NetClarity’s Network Access Control (NAC) solution helps with BYOD security, by:

- Identifying all devices on your network in real-time (regardless of type or OS) without agents
- Allowing trusted devices to connect to appropriate network resources efficiently
- Quarantining or blocking devices that are not allowed on the network or are infected with malware

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Network Access Control (NAC) is critical for companies who want to gain visibility and control over their networks, and automatically block the devices that should not be gaining access. NAC gives companies an extra layer of internal security to prevent unauthorized users, hackers, or malicious devices from accessing critical resources on their networks.

Download the following whitepapers and eBooks to learn how NAC can be right for you:

- Network Access Control Whitepaper
- NAC Executive Summary Datasheet
- BYOD Whitepaper
- BYOD eBook

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NetClarity would like you to see for yourself just how simple Network Access Control should be. Our demonstrations take MINUTES because we are the only plug-‘n-play Network Access Control solution in the market. See for yourself how NetClarity can block devices within minutes of taking it out of the cardboard box; no agents or infrastructure changes required.

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